The design of Toke's institutional website meets the children's universe in a playful, modern and cheerful way to introduce the brand to future customers and partners. The site works with the abundance of vibrant colors of Toke's identity in a minimalist setting, leaving its self-made shoes in the spotlight. The new website is an important part of the brand's expansion process, so developing its concept required embracing the joy and lightness of children with Toke's safety and tradition. The navigability and design of each page of the site reflect the care and affection that Toke has with children's feet when designing their products.

My Roles: Art Direction & Design   |   Production: Fagner Vieira   |   
Illustration: Rodrigo de Freitas   |   Agency: Arteleria   |   Client: Toke

Latin American Design Awards - Silver
Awwwards - Honorable Mention
Awwwards - Mobile Excellence
CSS Design Awards - Special Kudos, UX, UI & Innovation
CSS Winner - Star

Brasil Design Award - Bronze

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