Toke is an infant's shoe manufacturer with nearly 80 years of history, which is expanding into an online sales platform. The design of e-commerce was created to provide a nice user navigability experience, with easy access to key site functions which are adaptable in different platforms. The new site is an important part of the brand's expansion process. That’s why it was required to encompassing the joy and lightness of children with the safety and tradition of the brand to develop its concept. The navigability and design of each page of the site reflect the care that Toke has with the infant's feet when designing their products.​​​​​​​

The kick start of the project for Toke's online store was the purpose of facilitating the access of customers from all over the country to the brand's products. With that in mind, all toke website graphic design was strategically developed to offer a good user experience, with filters that make the search easier and with few clicks to make the purchase.
The website Toke interface was based on the identity of the institutional site to bring a unique language, as in cards and banners, showing modernity and lightness on the website. There is a wealth of color mixed with content and dynamism used in a very graphic and intuitive way, achieving the goal of delivering an easy and enjoyable buying process.
With nearly 80 years solidifying itself in the traditional market, Toke now unites tradition with contemporaneity in its new online store and popularizes access to Toke products throughout the national territory and a graphic language supported by specialized programming, that makes the shopping journey easier, regardless of your customer's location.

My Roles: Art Direction & UI/UX Design
Copywriting: Ihanna Barbosa
Web Developer: Jet.
Agency: Arteleria
Client: Toke

​​​​​​​Brasil Design Award - 2019 
Digital - Bronze

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