Children can be vulnerable to many illnesses for not using shoes, a situation that can cause infected wounds and diseases caused by the lack of basic sanitation. Shoes help to protect the health of children in these hostile environments, and it was from that observation that Toke was inspired to create the Tomorrow's Footprint project. The campaign works this way: it is donated an Adjustable Sandal for each one sold. The special touch is that the sandal can grow up two sizes. The NGOs Amigos do Bem, Fraternity Without Borders, and Paz e Amor em Ação help to reach the children who need it.
Since October 2019 more than 800 sandals were delivered to these institutions Brotherhood Without Borders Paz e Amor em Ação Amigos do Bem Toke will continue taking care of today’s little feet so tomorrow’s footprints are changed.

My Roles: Art Direction & Design
Title: Today’s footprints. Tomorrow’s legacies.
Agency: Arteleria
Client: Toke Calçados Infantis
​​​​​​​Brasil Design Award 2020 
Positive Impact Design - Bronze


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