Biophilia Poster Competition 2020
Biophilia celebrates the innate connection between humans and nature.
34th House Brasileira Design Award
For a more including design.
Petrobras Symphony Orchestra Art and caricature contest to celebrate
Beethoven's 250th birthday (Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827)
1. The many faces of a genius.
2. Beethoven and his love for birds.
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Fake News – Poster for Tomorrow​​​​​​​
1. How to Stay Sane in a World of Misinformation?
People are increasingly using internet to get their daily news dosage.
In the connected era, fake news gets spread widely by social media.
So think about it, everything you read online, is really true?
Not always.
2. We are deeply immersed in illusions and fake news. Although the technology
has become more sophisticated and advanced, we're all getting sucked and drowning
on our smartphones and tablets.

Posterrorism International Poster Competition 2020
An endless terrorist war that affects oil and peace in the world.

Viral Art Project
Coronavirus is a global emergency on a scale unseen since the Great Depression and World War II. The Viral Art Project is a call to action for graphic designers, artists, and other creative people to bring their talents to the Coronavirus emergency facing our world. We are inviting designers to submit poster art that will raise awareness of the challenges facing all of us, and promote messages about what we have to do and how we can get through this time together.
Help! I’m burning!
At the same time Calanca Biennale raises a global ecological message.
It’s interesting to know that the tectonic plates which connect Europe to Africa meet below this
territory and hold each other like a sandwich. In geological terms this is called “crocodile jaw”.

TOP 40 / Select Work

Love in Art - Festival Internazionale Del Cinema Povero
Love in Art, given the historical background of the influence of love in art. Our goal is to how Poster Design
is created with the approach os love in Art and their impact on people's lives.
We want to show the world the power of love in the art.

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